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Épousée Executive Serum

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Épousée Executive Serum give the excellent experience to your skin. Providing firmness immediately, brightness, anti wrinkle, anti acne and increase hydration to the skin with this intense powerful ingredients.


Plankton Extract: The Plankton Extract enriches with Diguanosin Tetraphosphate that is highly energetic molecule involved in the cellular metabolism.

Myrtus Extract: It slows the expression of the senescence factors down and increases the lifetime of cells. A genuine cell regenerator and guardian of tissue longevity, it limits the degeneration of skin tissues and erases the first signs of aging.

Enantia Bark Extract and Oleanolic Acid  :      A natural extract contains Protoberines  that are extract from Enantia Bark and Oleanolic acid which is extract from Olive tree leaf. They help to reduce skin pore size, skin shine and sebum flow promoting smooth and bright skin. In addition, it acts as antibacterial agent that help to protect skin from acne occurring.

Tephrosia Purpurea Seed Extract:  It help to accelerate the production of Beta-endorphin in the skin, which recreates the natural effect of happiness.

Advanced Moisture Complex:  It contains many powerful moisturizers giving moisture and suppleness to the skin.

Oat Extract   :  A purified fraction of natural polyoses derived from oat, It instantly and visibly smoothes and lift the skin making youthful-looking skin.

Brassica Extract: The Protein fraction of the Brassicaceae extract is hydrolyzed and then submitted to a controlled fermentation process and Inhibit Melanogenesis.

Direction:  Use Daily morning and evening. Apply serum all over face and throat until complete penetration.

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