Gold Monalis

Dietary Supplement Product

(Dong Quai Extract, Fish Collagen Peptide, Co-enzyme Q10)

Healthy Nutrition and Revitalizing Product for Women


Dong Quai Extract: helps maintain hormone balance, reduces abdominal pain, promote circulation to achieve a healthier looking skin.

Fish Collagen Peptide: processed proteins to allow easy absorption for strengthening skin layers, skin firming, and keeping skin moisturized as well as minimizing wrinkles.

 Co-enzyme Q10: a powerful antioxidant that energizes body cells, including enhancing body systems and preventing aging.

Soy Protein Isolate: acts like estrogen which helps to maintain proper female hormone level, reduce menopause symptoms, and increase collagen amount to allow a more flexible and moisturizing skin.

Cranberry Extract: an antioxidant that helps promote good cardiac function and slowing cells deterioration, leaving you with radiant and soft looking skin. It also prevents bacteria which is the cause of urinary tract infection.

Maqui Berry Extract: a substance globally accepted as the most powerful anti-aging antioxidant and helps to minimize the causes of inflammation and dysfunction of neurological and vein systems.

Acai Berry Extract: a highly nutritious substance that prevent oxidants from destroying collagen and elastin which helps to slow premature wrinkles and maintain healthy circulation.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): a highly affective antioxidant in reviving and restoring weakening antioxidants back to normal state, strengthening skin layer collagen, preventing cells deterioration as well as wrinkles and dark spots.

Vitamin C: a highly powerful antioxidant in enhancing our immune system, repairing damaged tissues, healing scar, enhancing collagen and L-Glutathione for more radiant complexion.


·      Nourish and revitalize circulation, maintain female hormone balance, minimize menopause symptoms and abdominal pain, firming uterus as well as vagina and breasts.

·      Energize cells, prevent cells deterioration, enhance collagen and elastin which are essential in strengthening skin layers to reveal a smoother and younger looking skin, and prevent aging wrinkles.

·      Contains antioxidants which enhances cardiac function and prevent bacteria which is the cause of urinary tract infection, minimize aging as well as the causes of inflammation and dysfunction of neurological and vein systems

Direction: Take only 1 capsule a day before meal                                             

Product Code          040602

Price                         2,000 Baht 

Points                       330 PV

Size                           30 caps. / box


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